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The Secrets Podcasts are the audio companion to The Secrets newsletter. The Secrets is a serious tool for writers. It addresses problems writers have and provides solutions as well as inspiration. Though the podcasts only cover a fraction of the material available in the print version of The Secrets, they cover issues critical to writers at all levels of expertise and career.

To subscribe to the podcasts, copy the text in red to your podcast browser and it will pull podcasts down as new ones are available. (We're tentatively scheduling a new podcast every fortnight.)

  • The Secrets Episode Zero (Brief intro to the series)
  • The Secrets Episode One (Episode One was retired 6/9/05)
    • Segment 1: The First Rule of Writing: Show, don't tell
    • Segment 2: Where do writers get their ideas?
    • Segment 3: Cynanthropy
  • The Secrets Episode Two (Episode Two was retired 6/19/05)
    • Segment 1: The Second Rule of Writing: Double Duty
    • Segment 2: Write what you know.
    • Segment 3: Thieves' Vinegar
  • The Secrets Episode Three (Episode Three was retired 6/19/05)
    • Segment 1: The Third Rule of Writing: Continuity Bolts
    • Segment 2: Outlines and drafts
    • Segment 3: White-eye
  • The Secrets Episode Four (Episode Four was retired 6/28/05)
    • Segment 1: The Fourth Rule of Writing: He said, she said
    • Segment 2: Length and editing of a novel
    • Segment 3: Drumble
  • The Secrets Episode Five (Episode Five was retired 6/28/05)
    • Segment 1: The Fifth Rule of Writing: Research
    • Segment 2: How Well should you know your characters?
    • Segment 3: Nuthook
  • The Secrets Episode Six (Episode Six was retired 7/15/05)
    • Segment 1: The Sixth Rule of Writing: Point of View
    • Segment 2: Will a magazine reject a story because I published it on my website first?
    • Segment 3: Comet Wine
  • The Secrets Episode Seven (Episode Seven was retired 7/22/05)
    • Segment 1: The Seventh Rule of Writing: Write before you rewrite
    • Segment 2: What do you do when real life intrudes on your writing?
    • Segment 3: Transi Tomb
  • The Secrets Episode Eight
    • Segment 1: The Eighth Rule of Writing: Use all your Senses.
    • Segment 2: Copyrights, and how you decide how big a story will get.
    • Segment 3: Flesh Tailor
  • The Secrets Episode Nine
    • Segment 1: The Ninth Rule of Writing: Define the Conflict.
    • Segment 2: How do you find a market for your book?
    • Segment 3: Off
  • The Secrets Episode Ten
    • Segment 1: The Tenth Rule of Writing: Sympathetic Angles.
    • Segment 2: How long should your book be?
    • Segment 3: Copywritten


From here you can download Issue Twenty-eight of The Secrets Newsletter.

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